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Propane Safety and Hurricanes

Each year, hurricanes endanger the lives of thousands of people and cause extreme property damage. If your home uses propane, here are a few simple steps from propanesafety.com you can take to keep your family safe and avoid potential dangers. You can view the same...

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Hurricane Preparedness Week

From the National Weather Service: History teaches that a lack of hurricane awareness and preparation are common threads among all major hurricane disasters. By knowing your vulnerability and what actions you should take, you can reduce the effects of a hurricane...

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Propane Safety First! GAS Check

Launched in1985, GAS Check™ signified the beginning of an industry-wide effort to help reduce residential accidents involving propane. Developed by a team of industry volunteers, the revised GAS Check™ Inspection Program responds to changes in the...

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Propane Safety

Jose Santiago with Palm Beach Fire Rescue takes tips from Mr. Mac on propane safety issues. The cold weather didn't stop this crew from learning how to safely shut down an LP gas bobtail in case of an emergency. All the fire boys were treated to a free BBQ tank fill...

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