I love being a PAC member. My A/C unit broke down during the weekend and Glades Gas dispatched their technician to come fix it shortly after. Thank you Glades Gas!

-Mike Fincannon

I switched from my previous gas provider to Glades gas because they were charging me way too much money for miscellaneous things. They made the transition easy and now I have peace of mind knowing that I won’t be taken advantage of.

-Scott Woodham

One of my favorite things about Glades Gas is that they are very involved with their community. When they can help, they will. They really are the “Friendly Gas Company. 

-Brenda Bunting

Glades gas always has someone on call 24/7. My ac unit broke down around 1:00a.m and their office manager was polite about it. Needless to say, I was the first call in the morning and my ac is working great.

-Brett Bergman

The ladies that work in the office are extremely nice and friendly. I had an issue with one of my bills. They were so attentive and caring about it that they took care of it right away.

-Robert Finney

I have all my rental properties covered by Glades Gas….Their Premium Air Club fee prevents expensive breakdowns!

-Devon Edwards

Dennis and David really are so sweet; they take such good care of me. They don’t mind helping me with little things like changing light bulbs!

-Barbara Branch

Can you say “peace of mind?”   That is what I got from Glades Gas when I contracted them to switch my house over to propane.

-Bryan Campbell

I love the fact that Glades Gas does more than just AC. They replaced my Manitowoc Ice Machine after it broke down. I joined their Penguin Club and they come out twice a year to clean and check it. They do a very thorough job.

-Donna Marie Moss, Donald Moss Corp.

Glades Gas helped us redesign our post-harvest treatment system with a Noritz tankless water heater. Now we can accomplish in 20 minutes what used to take 2 hours.

-Dale Erickson, Erickson Farm