smoke-hallow-gas-grillDear Dennis and Karen,

Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to help me pick out the right Barbeque Grill I wanted.  After explaining what I was looking for, a way to barbeque with no mess or cleanup and the taste of real barbeque, you directed me to the Smoke Hollow Gas Smoker.

After your technicians installed the smoker they were very patient in explaining how to use it since I don’t know a thing about barbequing.

The first thing I tried in the smoker was pork steaks. I brined them (salted one side and placed them in the refrigerator for three hours) then washed them off and added a BBQ rub on each side for 10 minutes.  I placed them in the smoker which was set to 225 degrees with a mixture of apple and pecan chips (which I soaked for 30 minutes).   It only took about an hour and fifteen minutes and they were done perfectly.  I would proudly say that they were just as good as or better than any BBQ you get at a BBQ restaurant.












A very satisfied customer,

Janann Nicholson