On the evening of September 16, 1928 a strong cat-4 Hurricane crashed into the east coast of Palm Beach County Florida with sustained winds of 140-MP. When the storm moved inland and reached the Lake Okeechobee area later that night, the strong winds piled the water up at the South end of the lake, topping the levee and drowning 2500 people who lived in towns such as Belle Glade, Chosen, Pahokee and South Bay. In 1976 this beautiful 8-ton, 6-foot bronze statue was dedicated in remembrance to the people that died in the second deadliest Hurricane to ever strike the United States. Many of us pass it every day as we travel down heavily traveled Main Street. Today let us all take a moment to remember those Glades pioneers who lost their lives in this deadly storm.

With storm season still in effect, don’t forget to top of your tanks to be prepared.