Go to any tailgate party and you will find two different types of fans when it comes to cooking on a grill, charcoal fans and gas fans. Here at Glades Gas we are of course gas fans. Here are our reasons for choosing gas over charcoal.

The main advantages of using gas grills is that it takes next to no set-up and are at cooking temperature just minutes after you push that igniter button. Plus, with a standard propane tank you’re cooking for 20 hours without worrying about fuel. When you’re done, just turn it off.

Another advantage to gas grilling it that it affords you more control over the heat applied to your meat. Charcoal grills only offer one temperature but gas grills can be as hot or cool as you prefer. Critics say that they do not get the flavor from gas that they can get from a charcoal grill. Although you’ll never get that exact charred taste without the real thing, there are some tricks that will get you pretty darn close without the cleanup and mess.

Using a smoker box, which uses wood chips adds great flavor. Place it on the grill, throw down your meat and veggies, shut the grill’s cover, and let the smoke work its magic.

Before searing that steak, throw tinfoil or an old baking sheet over the grate to build up extra heat for a really amazing char. The blast of heat only lasts for about 30 seconds, so be at the ready–slip your meat on the grate right as you remove the foil–and it will result in an unmatched sear.

Whereas keeping the cover on a charcoal grill reduces its heat output (it thrives on airflow) the cover helps build and maintain heat on a gas grill. Remember, it’s all about the heat when it comes to a good char, so keep that cover on as much as possible–plus it helps build more smoke, which you want.

For your gas grill tailgating need, come by and see us at Glades Gas. We can set you up with a portable gas grill that will be the envy of all your tailgating friends. We have some new grills in stock.