November 1st marks our 83rd year in business. We thought this would be a great time to share some of the history of our company!

In 1929, Daniel B. McCarthy decided to venture off a little from his plumbing business into the butane and propane business by offering the first refrigeration and gas cooking stoves in Okeechobee. He delivered propane from the Okeechobee office around the entire lake down to the Seminole Indian reservations.

In 1946, Daniel Marion and Ruth Ottens were married and moved to Okeechobee from St. Louis to work in the propane business. Dan bought land in Clewiston the same year to build a propane plant. Dan’s sister, Kathleen, and Vernon Dexter were married the same year and bought land in Belle Glade to expand the business further. In 1948, Vernon and Kathleen opened Glades Gas & Electric and remained in Belle Glade where they raised three children.

In 1954, DanielB, Dan and Timer Powers started Indiantown Gas Company, offering natural gas in addition to the propane. Timer and his wife Keddie managed there until Timer passed away in the early 1990’s from cancer. They had four children, several of whom live in Indiantown today.

In 1963, Daniel B. McCarthy passed away from pneumonia leaving quite a legacy for his family. In 1985, Dennis and Karen were married and currently run the Belle Glade office. They have two children.

In 1987, Dennis’ older sister, Monica, and husband Jim Clark moved their family from Delaware to Okeechobee to run the Okeechobee office. They raised four children.

In 1988, Dennis’ younger brother, Kevin, and his wife Debbie took over the Clewiston office. They
raised two children in Clewiston.

In 2005, Dan passed away from a stroke.
In 2009, the Belle Glade fffice did a major renovation on their plant site and office, restoring the office to some its original 1930’s charm.