Skeeter’s Batter It Up transforms shrimp, onion rings, tomatoes, fish, pork, beef, chicken, oysters, gator tail, mushrooms, scallops, venison and so much more into an unforgettably delicious meal.

Salmon season is here and Skeeter has a great way to fix it on the grill. He likes to put the fish in milk for at least 3 hours before it’s time to fix it. He rinses the fish off and rolls it in Skeeter’s Batter It Up Lemon Mustard. Then,  put the fish right on the grill, or you can use foil. If you use foil, be sure to put some butter or olive oil on the foil. Turn your heat on medium for about 5 minutes. Then, check to see if the fish is at a flaking stage. If it is, take it off the grill and get out of the way! You might get knocked down!

We decided to try out our own Lemon Mustard recipe on Friday night. We bought fresh Tilapia at Costco, it’s a little more expensive than frozen but well worth it! We poured about 1/4 cup of Batter It Up into a disposable baggie and added the fish filets to the bag to coat thoroughly. Then, add about 2 to 3 tablespoons of grape seed oil, or the oil of your choice, to a pan and turn it on high to get it pretty hot. When it begins to spit, throw in the filets for no more than 3 minutes on each side. It was absolutely divine, restaurant quality! The lemon flavor absolutely melted in my mouth and loved the blackened effect I got from the high heat on the grape seed oil.

Through October 31st you can buy one bag of Skeeter’s Batter It Up and get one free if you buy it from the Glades Gas of Belle Glade office.