At Glades Gas, “going green” is more than something we talk about. It’s the way our employees live their lives and how we run our business.
We want to challenge other business owners in the Glades to reduce their carbon footprints. Here are some ways the staff at Glades Gas is trying to save our planet:
  • More than half of our employees have converted to tankless water heaters, which are 99% efficient
  • Over 90% of our staff power their homes with propane
  • Most of our employees use washable, reusable air conditioning filters, saving landfills from thousands of dirty filters
  • We have changed all of our lighting in the office to fluorescent bulbs which save energy
  • Our trucks all roll on propane, which is considered a clean burning fuel by the Environmental Protection Agency
  • We recycle old air conditioning coils and old air conditioning housing

How can you reduce your carbon footprint as an everyday citizen? You can follow some of the same steps we’re taking at our office, but there are many ways you can live a greener life. Check out this article with 15 ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Leave a comment and let us know the steps you’re taking to be green!