This month’s edition of Florida Agriculture features locals Paul Allen and Stuart Stein and their efforts in marketing sweet corn out of Palm Beach County.

Some interesting facts from the article:

– Most of the Sunshine State crop is produced in Palm Beach County, where growers have planted more than 20,000 acres this year. Their production amounts to the largest single-county sweet corn harvest in the U.S.

– South Florida’s climate gives area farmers a clear marketing window.“In the months of April and May all of the sweet corn east of the Mississippi is coming from Palm Beach County,” Allen said. “We want to seize that opportunity to brand our own product so that we educate consumers in our country about how good Florida sweet corn is.”

– Growers cite medical research that touts the benefits of corn consumption.A low fat food, corn appears to have a positive effect in helping to prevent heart disease and cancer within an overall healthy diet. The vegetable is also associated with a reduction in the risk of macular degeneration, an agerelated cause of blindness.

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