In an effort to go Green we instituted Club Green in March of 2011.  If you currently pay your bills on line or with a credit card over the phone or have a credit or debit card on file, good news,  you are automatically enrolled in Club Green. You may say so what is the big deal…well we think it is a very big deal when people collectively do things to help our planet.  When you think of the paper wasted on sending out paper bills to every customer who in turn send in checks in envelopes and multiply that by thousands of customers every month, well, that adds up to a lot of paper and a lot of trees.  I guarantee we haves saved a tree or two since March and we are just getting started!  So if you want to get on the band wagon, just give us a call….here are the winners:

March     Glades Dry Cleaners
April       Crop Production Services
May        Dr. Kevin Connell
June        Randy Prescott
July         Robert Carter
August’s winner will be announced on the 18th!  Stay tuned and congratulations to our winners!