Well it has been a few weeks since we blogged.  Summer seems to be flying by.  The Mosquito Magnets are in full swing, pool heaters are getting a break with all this heat and generators are being cranked up in preparation for a hurricane.  If you have any of these contraptions, they can be tied into your main house tank if you choose…..there is some labor involved however you will never have to fill one of those portable BBQ tanks again!  The best thing you can do is to tie in your BBQ grill if you  have a built in.  Running out of gas in the middle of cooking some expensive steaks is not a fun situation especially if you are cooking for company!

Propane offers tremendous value.  When the summer storms come and the power goes out, you can still cook and some can shower with their gas water heater.  Propane is an extremely clean burning fuel and that is why propane converted vehicles require much less maintenance…..it is common for our vehicles to run 200,000 miles before an engine overhaul is necessary.  Chefs love propane in cooking because they can control the temperature so much better than on an electric source.  Of course everyone loves to grill on the Bar-B which is a healthy alternative to heating up the kitchen in summer.  Laundromats use propane in their dryers for a fast effective way to dry their clothes.  There are so many great ways to use propane and we  have just mentioned a few…..one of our favorites is up at Big Bertha’s…the toys!  The Tiki Torches and fire-pit offer such a relaxing ambiance that just can’t be matched.

To learn about some other fun ways to use propane, stop by the office and we will be glad to share.  In the meantime have a great  summer and happy vacationing…..with high gas prices we are hearing that most people are staying at home enjoying their propane on the Bar-B!