Just what is the big deal about social media anyway?  Who has time to learn how to set up a Fan Page or set up a YouTube or Twitter account?  Personally, I have accounts all over the place and spend a lot of time working on each one.  I think each media has its own benefits.
YouTube is a fantastic way to share a “how to” lesson.  You can go to YouTube and learn how to do just about anything you want.   You can learn things you never even thought about learning before!  Did you know that it is the 3rd largest search engine??  It is the fastest, cheapest way to do video marketing.
In business, Twitter can help you reach new markets and increase sales but only by building relationships.  It is a great way to publicize your business and build a strong brand.  You send 160 character Tweets to your Followers and let them know what is happening in your world or share advice., or just wish everyone a great week.  Twitter is about relationships, not sales.  It is fun to meet people on Twitter and learn from their Tweets.
Facebook is the phenomenon of this decade for sure.   I believe our grand kids will be talking about it some day as I don’t think it is going anywhere soon.  You can advertise a business, service or product for free by setting up a fan page, which literally takes about 5 minutes.  Fan pages are starting to look like web sites in that you can enter your email address and get on people’s mailing lists.  It is growing exponentially by the day.  Ads pay for the company since signing up and having a fan page is free.  Facebook is a great way for grandparents to see what their families are doing hundreds or thousands of miles away.  It is a great platform for businesses to share important information with their customers on a daily basis.  And of course teens love talking to their friends in class on their cell phones while looking  up what movies are playing at the local theater.
No matter which media you choose to dive into, they are all fun, free and only a click away.  If you have any questions how to use any of them, stop by the office….I love to share!