Last weekend I read the New York Times#1 Best Seller “How Full Is Your Bucket?” written by Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D

I thought it was a great quick read. It offers positive strategies for work and life. So this morning we had our weekly office pow wow and I brought each employee their own personal bucket and tried to give them a dose of the book in the short time we can squeeze in before work. The book offers strategies to improve your personal, social, spiritual and work life. It simply suggests that by filling another’s bucket by offering only positive comments, you in turn fill your own bucket.

The author suggests that focusing on only the good will in turn give you a better life. It reminded me of many of Oprah’s shows about Pay It Forward. We will attempt to fill our buckets here during the day so when we go home, perhaps our home lives will be enlightened. I encourage you to read the book!