The condenser is the part of an air conditioner system located outside a building. It consists of a system of coils that connect to units inside the building. If the condenser is not running, it does not produce air to cool or heat.

The condensing unit functions by compressing gas, or refrigerant, as it pumps through a system of coils. The refrigerant then becomes a high temperature, high pressure liquid, as it flows through copper tubing attached to a set of coils. It is imperative that you keep these coils clean.

The refrigerant expands and becomes a low temperature gas that absorbs heat as it passes through the home ductwork system. Moisture that condenses outside the coils is carried away by a drain. If this drain gets clogged up with mold and dirt, you may need to call in the pros to clean it out for you.

Make sure leaves and debris have not clogged the coils around the unit. If so you can simply hose it down. The unit has to be able to breathe.

Check the circuit breaker to make sure it is on. You may just need to flip the switch.

A blocked outdoor unit may decrease air flow, causing the home to not get enough air or heat. The filter on the air handler (inside unit) needs to be changed or washed on a monthly basis to maintain optimal air flows.

It the unit does not run after simple changes listed above, you may need to call us!