We went to Big Bertha’s Wednesday night to see what all the hoopla was about. There were six of us and we were all pleasantly suprised at what we found. It was Wednesday night and they had a bunch of specials. I ordered the Fried Grouper Bang Bang Po Boy on homemade bread. It was really good.

I ordered the sauce on the side as it was a tad spicey. Someone else had a Grilled Rueben O’hara that was actually open faced and divine! Everything I tried was good, even the cole slaw which had pineapple in it.

We left Belle Glade at 5:15 sharp as I wanted to see a Lake Okeechobee sunset which is like no other. I broke a few traffic laws on the way and scared a few of my passengers however it was worth the rush as the sunset was like no other….magnificent…I wish I could capture it on my little Sony.

After dinner we sat lakeside enjoying the view, warming our toes by the firepit. They tiki torches were all aglow blowing in the persistent Lake “O” breeze. We spoke with the manager Bob and his son, both of whom were very nice and they thanked us for coming.

They told us they were having some unforeseen kitchen problems out in the wind that they hope to tackle soon so that they can expand the menu. They told us of the Grand Opening next weekend, Saturday the 29th with a live band. We assured them that
we would be back and that we would spread the word. If you haven’t been yet, be sure to see Big Bertha over the bar and read about her history…its quite a fish tale!!