Just this morning we did startup on four instantaneous natural gas water heaters in the new building between the Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center and Belle Glade’s PBSC campus.

They’re up and running as of June 17th 2010! Their hot water supply will be endless with the instantaneous water heater technology.

These water heaters are better in every way:

-Save you money on your utilities
-Produce an endless hot water supply
-Save space and can be installed virtually anywhere
-Environmentally friendly by maximizing output while maintaining low emissions
-Safe and Reliable
-Lasts two to three times longer than traditional water heaters
-Very little maintenance (10 year warranty!)

These are going to be in every home, it is only a matter of time.
The government is offering a 30% rebate on the total installation, up to $1500 through 12/31/10.

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