A Noritz water heater is a great alternative to a traditional tank water heater. Tank water heaters store water in a large capacity tank, constantly keeping it heated. This takes up lots of energy each day and can be costly to the user over time. Noritz water heaters work on-demand, instantly heating only the amount of water needed at that time. When a hot water tap is turned on, cold water travels through a pipe into the tankless water heater unit. Our dual flame gas burner heats the water, providing a constant supply of hot water until you turn it off. Consumers living in households of all sizes will appreciate the heating functions of our water heaters, including a convenient digital panel to control the desired hot water temperature. Our units are made of recycled materials and the parts are all replaceable, reducing waste and costs endured by the user. A Noritz water heater is a cost-effective means of saving money each month on water heating costs, proving that going ‘green’ in your home or business is truly saving money. It is shown that a water heater can save users up to 50 percent on water-heating costs, providing you with more money to spend on your home or business. Installing a Noritz tankless water heater in your home or business is a step toward improving our environment without giving up the need for a high efficiency appliance. An investment for the future, our water heaters last for up to 20 years, prolonging the benefits for the user.